Consensus 2022 Cardano Workshop & Hackathon

Austin, Texas June 13th

The Netherlands, 06/05/22

Dquadrant supports Cardano during the developer workshop & Hackathon at Consensus 2022.

Right after the main event, Dquadrant will organize a developer workshop about Kuber together with IOHK. This workshop is for existing and new developers to the Cardano blockchain but some Plutus/Haskell knowledge is beneficial to make the most out of this workshop.

Workshop challenge

During the workshop developers will be challenged with the following use case scenario making use of Kuber and Plutus/Haskell.

Add a offer feature (exchange NFT) next to the buy feature for NFTs on the NFT marketplace. The NFT owner can accept or reject the offer. In case of acceptance of the offer a swap of the NFT ownership will take place. In case the swap will take place the offerer will pay the transaction fee for the swap and a potential NFT marketplace fee when applicable. We think that this option could increase the marketability of the NFT ownership.

Kuber makes it easy to compose EUTxO transactions for developers and sign them via integration with well known web wallets.


You can register yourself here for the track Plutus challenge. Please do this asap since the number of spots are limited. You can prepare yourself by reading up on Kuber and the Cardano-marketplace here.


As Dquadrant we would like to invite developers to our workshop and get convinced of what Kuber can do for them related to composing complex EUTxO transactions.

Our experienced developers will be available to assist you or to answer your questions during the workshop.

We are looking forward to your feedback on our work making developing on Cardano easier.


"Kuber is a robust core open source building block for the Cardano ecosystem"