Kuber haskell library and json api release 2.1.0

Includes support for Vasil features

The Netherlands, 08/14/22

Read more about the latest additions and changes in the Kuber 2.1.0 release notes.


Our goal is to make Kuber as user friendly as possible to increase the adoption of developers  and the growth of Dapps on the Cardano ecosystem.

Our team has defined a few criteria that will contribute to a better user experience for developers in the use of the Kuber library and api.

  • Support for multiple networks (mainnet, new testnet, pre-prod and private testnet)
  • Support for Cardano web wallet features (to be able to support multiple networks)
  • Support for json autocompletion and validation in the Kuber playground

Further we are looking into the options there are to compile Plutus code inside of the Kuber playground.

Over the coming month our team will work to make Kuber more user friendly.

"A great user experience is essential for tooling, it will contribute to the adoption and growth of DApps on the Cardano ecosystem"

The Kuber library and api is part of the new Pioneers training program of IOHK that will be announced later this year.

Get involved with the development of Kuber, visit our Kuber Discord channel.

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