Kuber a new open source library for Cardano

Easily compose transactions on Cardano

The Netherlands, 05/29/22

Dquadrant created an open source library and api that makes it easy for developers to compose transactions on Cardano.

"Kuber is a robust core open source building block for the Cardano ecosystem"

1. What is Kuber?

Kuber is a library and api that abstracts the complexity of creating EUTxO transactions using components provided for the Cardano blockchain. The PAB was intended to provide this kind of functionality but as we all know the speed of development of teams like Dquadrant is faster then that of IOHK due the amount of work to be done by IOHK. As a result of this IOHK supports teams like Dquadrant who create alternatives with the intention to replace part of the functionality that was to be provided by the PAB.

2. Why Kuber?

With Kuber EUTxO transactions can be easily created by consuming a developer friendly api. With Kuber developers don’t have to know all the technical complexities of how to use the different components provided by IOHK to contruct a transaction. Kuber supports multiple wallet addresses from a wallet and balances automatically the outputs as input for a new transaction. Next to this it provides the interface to wallets like Nami, Eternl, Typhon etc. to easily sign those transactions.

3. For what use case scenarios Kuber can be used?

Kuber will be useful for many scenarios. Dquadrant is working together with IOHK on a new Pioneers training program on basis of the Kuber library. In this training program certain scenarios will be covered. So look out for the new Pioneers training program to become available to get familiar with the use of Kuber.

4. Will Kuber be maintained?

Dquadrant is committed to the Cardano ecosystem and building solutions and tooling on it. As part of this commitment we will maintain and extend the Kuber library. We have opened a dedicated discord channel for Kuber to support developers in the use of Kuber and to handle functionality requests to enhance its use case. Visit our Kuber discord channel.

5. Where can I find the source code of Kuber?

The source code of Kuber can be found in the Dquadrant github repository.

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