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The Netherlands, 04/25/2024

Over the past 5 months Dquadrant has been working through the Open Source Committee (OSC) with a motivated group of stake holders, community members and organizations.

During this time we have attended numerous of meetings to shape the future of Intersect through the OSC and contributed to several policies and the open source strategy.

Through the OSC, Intersect determined that impact starts with a clear mission, vision and strategy. 


Intersect enables successful development and evolution of Cardano as a community-led, decentralized open source project.


Intersect envisions a future where the Cardano project is strongly led by a thriving community, where its open development is not dominated by any single entity. As such Intersect will work on the following pillars for our open source community: 

  • Technical sustainability 
  • Governance and decision making 
  • Community engagement and collaboration Strategy

For more details about Intersects open source strategy follow below link. intersect.gitbook.io/open-source-co 

Just like Dquadrant, you as a stake holder, community member or organization can drive impact and get things done through Intersect being an enabler/facilitator for open source.

"Intersect is a enabler/facilitator of open source initiatives on Cardano"

For more information about Intersect follow the link below.