Dquadrant development partner IOHK

Development of reference implementations in Plutus. Plutus is the native development framework on Cardano written in the Haskell language

The Netherlands, 03/01/21

Dquadrant is delighted to have signed a partnership contract with IOHK for the development of smart contracts using the Plutus framework.

IOHK the engineering company behind the Cardano blockchain choose to work with Dquadrant on basis of a previous meeting with Charles Hoskinson the founder of IOHK on the topic of NFTs and NFT marketplaces on Cardano.

Dquadrant will develop two reference implementations over the coming 6 months. These reference implementations will be open sourced by IOHK to the Cardano community.

Dquadrant is part of a limited group of six blockchain development companies that are developing several reference implementation scenarios. Each individual company will be working on a different reference implementation.

"Great times are ahead for development on Cardano"

The goal is to provide the community consisting of developers and businesses with a wide range of use cases and best practices to start implement their own solutions on the Cardano blockchain.

Dquadrant choose to develop the following use case scenarios for IOHK:

1. AgeUSD stable coin by Emergo

2. NFT marketplace 

The results of our work can be found via the below links to the source code repositories: