Dquadrant extends partnership with IOHK

Vasil hard fork, Kuber and Pioneer training program

The Netherlands, 05/10/22

Dquadrant is delighted and honored to have extended its partnership with IOHK in 2022.

After having worked in 2021 for IOHK on the reference implementations for AgeUSD stable coin and NFT marketplace during a period of 8 months the extension is a direct result of this work and the work our team has done on the Artano NFT marketplace that was live as one of the first solutions on the Cardano mainnet with smart contracts.

Our developers have built their own proxy based solution in Haskell as a replacement for the PAB (Plutus Application Backend) by IOHK. This solution handles the preparation of transactions on basis of multiple outputs from different wallet addresses.

The extension of the partnership is based on the trust that IOHK has in the knowledge and capabilities of our team to execute and build complex solutions on Cardano without waiting for the delivery timelines of IOHK.

Especially this resulted in the extension of the partnership in 2022 on the following topics:

1. Dquadrant will test together with IOHK the Vasil hard fork on a closed testnet, this consists  of end to end testing of the Artano NFT marketplace, function regression testing and non-functional testing and measurement of performance differences by implementation of the following CIPs (Cardano Improvement Proposals): CIP-31, CIP-32 and CIP-33.

2. Dquadrant will create an open source library called Kuber. The Kuber library is based on the proxy based solution that was build for the Artano NFT marketplace. Development of the Kuber library already started long before the extension of the partnership with IOHK. By providing a developer friendly, Haskell library and easy to use api we are abstracting the complexity of composing transactions on Cardano. The Kuber  llibrary can be used for many use case scenarios and is not only limited to the NFT use case.

3. Dquadrant will develop together with the IOHK team that is responsible for training and education a new pioneers training program on basis of the Kuber library.

"Where IOHK is providing the infrastructure "bolts and nuts", Dquadrant is verifying that the car actually runs"

Our team is excited after having worked in 2021 for IOHK to start working on the above mentioned activities and contribute to the further success of the Cardano blockchain.